J Balvin y Bad Bunny go Goth for ‘Cuidao Por Ahí’

J Balvin y Bad Bunny go Goth for ‘Cuidao Por Ahí’

(Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for LARAS)

J Balvin y Bad Bunny traen un modo Goth to Mykonos, Greece en su nuevo vídeo “Cuidao Por Ahí.” El nuevo sencillo, which translates to “Careful Out There,”  es el tercer sencillo de su album juntos “Oasis.”

“Vamos a hacer maldades por ahí” nos canta J Balvin with a ful on goth look in front of a church dripping with blood. Meanwhile, Bad Bunny sings with full face makeup like WWE wrestler Sting junto a un grupo de maleantes.

“I think we really pushed [Balvin] on this project,” producer Tainy told Rolling Stone. “He learned things about himself that he probably didn’t know. Having Bunny in the studio, having him bring more concepts, really sparked more things in [Balvin]… People didn’t know Balvin could hit that range, or even try. His voice really has a full tone. I told him it’s something I haven’t heard from him before — something that he should keep on doing.”


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