Reykon nos dice lo más loco que ha pasado en el scenario

Reykon nos dice lo más loco que ha pasado en el scenario

Reykon llega a Cali Mornings to see some familiar and some new faces. He’s in town for his concert in Anaheim y nos confiesa que esta nervioso. He says he is always nervous before a show no matter what city or how big the audience is. Confiesa que antes de subirse a un ecenario, le dan ganas de ir al baño aunque no tenga que ir! He feels que si algo te da nervios, quiere decir that you’re really passionate about something. Before every show, he needs to pray… and then take a shot in order to go on stage. Dice que con el alcohol, los nervios se convierten en adrenalina.

Among all of the hiccups that have happened during his shows, una cosa tambien tiene algo positivo. El nos cuenta que cuando se le ha cortado el microphone, one positive side of that is that people actually know that he is singing. One error that fans don’t notice es cuando el DJ toca otra canción por error, and in that situation he just goes with it and sings that song.

He revealed that his nickname, El Lider, doesn’t come from any rivalry en el mundo del reggaeton o referente a algo de sus colegas. His nickname viene de ser un lider en su familia desde chico y en su vida. He is not in competition with anybody, but has had to be a mediator durate varios aspectos de su vida.

On his bucket list for this upcoming year, his top goal is to being to be nominated for awards. He believes that its his time de ser reconocido en las premiaciónes. There are a lot of artists con quien quiere colaborar, incluyendo a Marc Anthony, Rihanna, or even Drake. En el mundo del reggaeton, he’s already collaborated with Maluma, Nicky Jam, Daddy Yankee, and J Balvin among others.


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