LA’s Fastest Growing FM Station Launches First-Ever 100% ALL FEMALE

LA’s Fastest Growing FM Station Launches First-Ever 100% ALL FEMALE

Cali 93.9 is proud to announce an all-female main Cast in All Dayparts, Angelica Vale leads Mornings (middle), Caro Marquez delivers Middays (left), and Melissa Rios anchors Afternoons (right)!

Cali 93.9 #1 for Reggaeton y Más, is the only current all-female radio station in LA.

“Cali’s Angels! Los Angeles de CALI!” exclaimed Haz Montana. “When we realized we had an all-female lineup, we just had to share it with the world, because it is much more interesting than a headline like ‘men are finally in supporting roles,’ even if the truth hurts.”

Multi-media star Angélica Vale (known as “La Vale”) starts the day from 6 – 10 AM, bringing humor, fun, and interactive opinions with listeners on trending topics. Caro Marquez from 10 AM – 3 PM keeps you company at work. The prime-time lineup wraps up with Melissa Rios from 3 PM – 7 PM, whose irreverent humor, fun delivery, and mixes take you home.

“We are different women with different backgrounds and different lives, but we have CALI in common,” commented Angélica Vale. “I’m proud of my colleagues – we have all worked really hard, and are grateful LA connects with us and CALI 93.9.”

“Being among the voices and the women on the brand for Reggaeton y Mas in LA is a dream,” added Caro Marquez, Cali’s middle sister of the groundbreaking lineup. “My colleagues are badass.”

Melissa Rios just joined Cali 93.9 from sister station Power 106, which is just down the hall. “Life decisions can be hard, but this one was easy – especially since I don’t have to get a new parking card!” stated Rios.

“We’re just getting started – and it’s going to be a lot of fun!” Irma Barrios, GM/VP of Sales for Cali 93.9 continued. “KLLI is the fastest-growing FM station in Los Angeles because of the selfless teamwork by great talent – who for the first time in prime are all female!”

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