‘Valentina’ Hot Sauce Is Running Out Due To Shortage

‘Valentina’ Hot Sauce Is Running Out Due To Shortage

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There is a new shortage this year and it’s not toilet paper, it’s Hot Sauce! The staple Valentina Hot Sauce that is in most restaurants and multicultural homes is running out. 

Las principales tiendas como Walmart y las tiendas latinas más pequeñas no han tenido un stock completo en meses. One TikTok user commented on the Valentina shortage Video and said, “My parents own a store and they’ve been asking every single provider and we’re lucky if we wind one box.”

Algunas áreas han sentido la escasez más que otras como El Paso, Texas. La gente se ha sentido tan frustrada que también han recurrido a Twitter para desahogarse. One Twitter user wrote, “I just found out there is a Valentina shortage, I F*CKING KNEW IT I haven’t been able to find Valentina for weeks!!!”

La verdadera razón por lo qué está ocurriendo la escasez de salsa picante, is unknown, the company did say there has been a recent surge in demand in Mexico. Some people say it’s a glass shortage in Mexico and others say it’s from understaffed companies that affect the supply chain. 

On the positive side, Users have been helping each other and showing what store does have Valentina Hot Sauce in stock on social media. 

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