Hot Cheetos Lovers Notice A Shortage In The US

Hot Cheetos Lovers Notice A Shortage In The US

Las redes están hablando y usuarios están comentando que no encuentran Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. 

Users on twitter express their frustration in not finding the chips readily available. Someone tweeted a photo of the empty shelves where Hot Cheetos used to be and said, “y’all was right about the hot Cheetos shortage… What is going on” One thing is for sure, los usuarios no estan contentos. 

Porque esta pasando esto? Según una cuenta de twitter, es por el aumento de la demanda y muy poco suministro, “This shortage is mainly because of increased demand and tightening supply. Some stores are putting limitations on how many you can buy.”

Hot Cheetos is not the only product with shortages, it’s across the board. What supply do you have trouble finding? 

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