Cyn Santana Collabs With Jack Daniel’s & Talks About Her Roots

Cyn Santana Collabs With Jack Daniel’s & Talks About Her Roots

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Television star Cyn Santana joins Caro Marquez at Cali939 studios to promote her collaborations with Jack Daniel’s for ‘Valiente Y Fuerte’ campaign. 

Cyn Santana explains that she was raised in a very Dominican neighborhood thanks to her dads side of the family, but thanks to her mom being a traditional Salvadoran woman, it was the perfect Latin blend. But, above this Latino mix, she also identifies herself as a New Yorker.

Cyn Santana loves being able to represent Latinas on television, but finds it difficult to be represented the right way. She says “At first I was definitely being taken as a joke and I was coming on the show as a bisexual woman. I had a girlfriend on the show, so people, oh look at this one. A young Latina, dumb, negative… I’m just living my life”. 

Cyn Santana is grateful for the platform Jack Daniel’s has given her. She goes on to say that the  ‘Valiente y Fuerte’ campaign is the perfect campaign for Latinas like herself. “I just felt connected to the ‘Valiente y Fuerte’ campaign because literally, first of all, when my manager told me valiant effort, I was like, that’s literally what I am and it’s what I tell myself every single day.” 

Cyn Santana discusses a variety of topics, including being a Latina, her love of being on television, the Jack Daniel’s campaign, new music, and much more!

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