Estevie Talks About What Inspired Her Unique Sound 

Estevie Talks About What Inspired Her Unique Sound 

First-generation Mexican American singer, Estevie joins Cali 93.9 studios with afternoon show host, Melissa Rios to showcase her love of creating music. 

Sarah Silva, who goes by the stage name Estevie, is a proud first-generation Mexican American singer with a leading voice in the current pop music movement reviving classic Latin music. Estevie is known as a leader in the revival of cumbia and Mexican regional music by which she creates a deliciously seductive fusion of classic Latin music with contemporary pop. 

Estevie discusses how she began her musical career and discovered her voice. She began singing when she was 10 years old and entered all singing contests, including “La Voz Kids” and “La Academia Kids,” where she placed second overall.

She was able to experiment with several musical genres after the pandemic and discovered her love for cumbia.“La cumbia era algo que siempre me había gustado pero no era ‘ahh’ voy a cantar cumbia, and I came along these videos of Ana Barbara and Alicia Villarreal and I was like why aren’t people making this anymore so then that’s why I came up with my song ‘Canela’ es como una cumbia norteña”. 

Estevie also goes on to talk about how she got her stage name, pleasing her fans, her dream collabs and much more! Make sure to listen to Estevie’s newest song ‘Que Vuelvas / Bebe Dame’ and follow her across all platforms to remain updated on new music. 

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