Julio Cesar Cedillo Is The Voice Of Reason In The Black Demon “Open Your Eyes Cabr*n”

Julio Cesar Cedillo Is The Voice Of Reason In The Black Demon  “Open Your Eyes Cabr*n”

(L-R) Josh Lucas as Paul, Jorge A. Jimenez as Junior, and Julio Cesar Cedillo as Chato in the action film, The Black Demon, The Avenue release. Photo courtesy of The Avenue. 

Julio Cesar Cedillo joins Luisa Rodriguez to discuss his role in the film, The Black Demon. The movie is a thought-provoking action thriller about man’s relationship with nature and the impact of human activities on the environment. The movie’s depiction of an oil rig and an oilman as the main character raises important questions about the potential dangers of offshore drilling and its impact on marine environments. The filmmakers, Adrian Grunberg, Boise Esquerra, and Carlos Cisco brilliantly use a megalodon shark to represent nature fighting back and an emissary acting on behalf of Tlaloc — the Aztec god of rain and fertility.

This thriller is based on survival and Julio Cedillo who plays “Chato” becomes the voice of reason and hero. His famous line in the film, “Open your eyes, Cabron!” is a double entendre. In the film, he tells Josh Lucas who plays Paul to look around and see the consequence of his actions, while also telling filmgoers to open their eyes to our role in this world.  

Director Adrian Grunberg says, The Black Demon is a movie about how we’ve mistreated the earth and put ourselves in this very predicament — we’ve made our bed, and now we must lie in it.” This action-packed film ties in family, faith, and culture.

Julio Cedillo talks about learning the Nahuatl language, filming in the Dominican Republic, and learning the Mexican folklore of el demonio negro.

The Black Demon is out in theaters now. This thought-provoking thriller will have you on the edge of your seat. 

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