The MRKT Pioneering a New Era in Diverse-Forward Marketing

The MRKT Pioneering a New Era in Diverse-Forward Marketing

In a groundbreaking announcement, The MRKT has declared its independence from Terry Hines & Associates (THA), embarking on a journey as a standalone agency. Co-owners Marcos Barron, Bree Bosselmann, Venessa Fraguio, and Grant Nemirow herald this strategic move, marking a pivotal moment in the evolution of The MRKT.

This transition underscores The MRKT’s commitment to charting its own course while preserving its valuable affiliations with THA. With an illustrious track record as its foundation, The MRKT Co. is poised to continue delivering authentic, impactful, and diversity-focused marketing strategies tailored for today’s dynamic, intersectional consumer base. Notably, the agency’s prestigious client roster, which includes industry giants such as Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros., Paramount, ESPN, Sony, NBCU, and leading streaming platforms like Amazon, Hulu, Max, Peacock, and Disney+, remains steadfast in their support.

The executive leadership council of The MRKT Co. comprises visionaries who have played integral roles in shaping the agency’s identity and mission. Marcos Barron, Owner/CEO and Co-Founder alongside Grant Nemirow, envisions The MRKT as a catalyst for injecting diversity into the industry. “Being a minority-owned business amplifies our commitment,” Barron emphasizes. “It’s not just about leadership representation but about actively reshaping industry standards through our collective, diverse insights.”

Bree Bosselmann, a pivotal figure with 13 years of experience at The MRKT, champions the agency’s ethos of uplifting diverse voices. As a majority minority and women-led firm, Bosselmann believes the agency is taking a significant step towards better reflecting the diverse tapestry of the U.S. landscape, while also recognizing the crucial role women play in propelling progress and change in the industry.

Venessa Fraguio, with 11 years at The MRKT, is a bridge between entertainment brands and evolving cultural nuances. As a representative of both the Hispanic community and women in leadership, Fraguio emphasizes the agency’s embodiment of true diversity, celebrating diverse identities that inspire and drive their work in the industry.

For Grant Nemirow, witnessing The MRKT’s evolution into The MRKT Co. fulfills a long-held aspiration. Born from passion, dedication, and an appetite for innovation, Nemirow is eager to embark on this promising new chapter in collaboration with the team.

This new phase is poised to redefine what diverse-forward marketing in the entertainment sector truly means. Demonstrating their unwavering commitment to diversity and women’s leadership, The MRKT Co. actively pursues Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) certifications.

The inception of The MRKT Co., fortified by its new ownership partners, is a resounding proclamation of its past achievements and a bright harbinger of a diverse, inclusive, and progressive future for the industry.

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