Yokasta Valle and William Zepeda Champions in the Ring and Defenders in Life

Yokasta Valle and William Zepeda Champions in the Ring and Defenders in Life

Photo By: A Tribe Called Hip Hop

Two remarkable boxers Yokasta Valle and William Zepeda, shared their extraordinary journeys from street fights to professional success in the ring.

Yokasta Valle, a formidable Costa Rican talent, stands at 1.63 meters with a fighting spirit that belies her stature. With an impressive record of 26 wins, including 9 knockouts, Valle is a world champion in two weight classes, holding the IBF female mini flyweight title since 2019. Her determination saw her clinch the IBF female junior mini flyweight title in 2016. Valle’s resilience is evident in her two losses, which only fueled her fire to return stronger.

Hailing from San Mateo Atenco, Mexico, William Zepeda, also known as “Camaron,” is a force to be reckoned with in the lightweight category. Zepeda’s record boasts an unblemished 28 wins, 24 of which came by knockout. His precision and power in the ring have earned him the WBA Continental Americas lightweight title since July 2021. Zepeda’s journey began with a resounding third-round knockout victory in his professional debut, a testament to his innate talent.

Both Valle and Zepeda discovered their passion for boxing in unconventional ways. Their early lives were marked by a desire to protect those who couldn’t defend themselves, often finding themselves in street fights. It was this innate sense of justice that ultimately led them to the discipline and structure of professional boxing.

Today, they stand as shining examples of what dedication and unwavering determination can achieve. As September 16 approaches, both fighters are poised to step into the ring at “The Commerce Hotel & Casino.” Zepeda is set to face off against Mercito Gesta, while Valle prepares to go head-to-head with Santizo.

Their journeys from scrappy beginnings to world-class contenders serve as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring athletes worldwide. Yokasta Valle and William Zepeda have not only conquered the boxing world but have also triumphed in life, proving that with heart, grit, and a relentless spirit, anything is possible.

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