William Levy Shares Personal Experiences for Compelling Performance in “Vuelve a Mí”

William Levy Shares Personal Experiences for Compelling Performance in “Vuelve a Mí”

Telemundo’s latest novela, “Vuelve a Mí,” starring the talented William Levy, promises to be a captivating journey through love, sacrifice, and resilience. Set against the backdrop of Ciudad de Juárez and Ciudad de México, this romantic drama follows the life of Nuria, a woman of humble means, who embarks on a relationship with Braulio, unaware that he is one of the owners of the company where she works, all in a bid to support her son and sister.

Luisa Rodriguez from La Vale Show interviewed, William Levy and he shared his insightful approach to preparing for the role of Santiago, a character who unexpectedly enters Nuria’s life during a time of great hardship. Drawing from his own experiences as a father, Levy tapped into his well of emotions to bring depth and authenticity to his performance. This personal connection allowed him to resonate with Santiago’s unwavering support for Nuria, providing a strong foundation for their on-screen chemistry.

On set, Levy’s dedication to his craft shines through. He emphasized the importance of creating a comfortable and collaborative environment with his co-stars, enabling the cast to explore the intricate relationships between their characters. Levy’s meticulous attention to detail and commitment to authenticity contribute to the series’ overall impact.

William Levy shares the music he listened to during the filming of Vuele A Mi. Music helped him to channel the right sentiments during filming. This thoughtful approach speaks to Levy’s commitment of giving a powerful portrayal.

“Vuelve a Mí” boasts an outstanding ensemble cast, including Laura Flores, Christian de la Campa, Rodolfo Salas, Geraldine Galván, and many others. The series promises to be a roller-coaster of emotions, particularly after the tragic kidnapping of Nuria’s son, Andrés, portrayed by the talented André Sebastián.

Produced at Telemundo Center in Miami, “Vuelve a Mí” will be a groundbreaking addition to the world of telenovelas, blending powerful performances with a compelling storyline. With William Levy at the helm, audiences can expect a heartfelt and unforgettable viewing experience.

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