Your Guide To Voting This 2020 Election Year

Your Guide To Voting This 2020 Election Year

This year 2020 presidential election will be making an impact on our history. Now is the time that we come together to make a change and most importantly that we are all registered to vote. See below for some informational guidance to voting.

Important Dates

  • October 19th: Last day to register to vote online
  • October 27th: Last day to request mail-in ballot (If you did not receive one)
  • November 3rd: Last day to vote, either by mail or in-person

Proposition Guide

  • Prop 14: Stem Cell Research

  • Prop 15: Business Property Taxes

  • Prop 16: Restoring Affirmative Action

  • Prop 17: Letting Parolees Vote

  • Prop 18: Voting At Age 17

  • Prop 19: Portable Property Tax Break

  • Prop 20: Crackdown On Crime

  • Prop 21: Rent Control

  • Prop 22: Gig Worker Benefits

  • Prop 23: Kidney Dialysis Clinic Rules

  • Prop 24: More Data Privacy

  • Prop 25: Abolishing Cash Bail

Find your voting place/Ballot drop-off

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